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Can I use your music in my video?

Yes, all the details are here: CANIUSEYOURMUSIC.COM

where can i download your music?

You can buy it from BANDCAMP or follow/repost to download HERE



David Cutter has been around music from an early age, he started out when he got hold of a drum machine and was soon hooked with the sounds he could get out of it, moving on from the drum machine he became a drummer for a number of low-key bands, since then he has moved back into music production, focusing and developing his own style into what you hear today.

This unique style has led to his music being widely used by some of the most influential creators on Youtube, 
Casey Neistat, Shonduras, Philip DeFranco, FunforLouis, Sara Dietschy, Wil Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao and many more.

He has also collaborated with artists such as Gurty Beats, Joakim Karud, Kasey Andre and Andrew Applepie.



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So, I have set up a Discord server as a place to get to chat to some of you guys every so often, so join the server, chat amongst yourselves and you might also catch me in there too!